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Case Studies

Cloud-native expertise ships Somark's latest product

Somark, a pharma tech company have spent the past two years trying to deliver an Azure cloud native application to their clients in production. Colibri were approached to perform an architecture and security review, and help push the application over the line.


Somark, a pharma-tech company based in Australia, was trying to deliver their first cloud-native product on Microsoft Azure.

This was their first foray into cloud-native applications, and the engineering team wanted expert guidance on which Azure products to use, and how to architect the overall application.

In addition, key concerns like security and release processes needed to be redesigned for the Cloud native expertise, specifically around a microservices architecture.


Colibri worked directly with Somark's CTO to run a security and architecture review. With a thorough review of each component, Colibri suggested risk/TCO-weighted suggestions to improve the architecture.

What-if analysis around feature released showed the need for API versioning and canary deployments.

Due to the unique business requirements of the product, Colibri designed custom, centralized logging and monitoring system that enabled cost and utilisation analysis.

Taking advantage of the data processed on the product, Colibri built a custom business intelligence product for both internal and external users.


Our Azure expertise (Cloud native expertise) directly helped Somark ship a new product not only on time, but also free of security and performance concerns.

The engineering team upskilled, and now uses deployment automation and versioning to deliver rapid feature updates and API changes.

Our custom business intelligence solution enables Somark's customers to understand their own data, and allows the Somark to understand product usage patterns and opportunities.