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Implementing a Cloud First, DevOps first approach is a fundamental Colibri Digital operating principle, and is one of the foundations of all client engagements.

DevOps is a core competency at Colibri Digital, and it's a culture that runs right through our entire organisation - and we like to extend this culture to our clients and partners. From server provisioning and configuration management, to application deployment and continuous integration, Colibri will help automate not only your Cloud infrastructure, but also your applications.

In doing this, we will help you architect your infrastructure in order to adhere to the pillars of the Well-Architected Framework, while following some of the best practices we've developed across our numerous case studies. By applying the principles of DevOps and automation to your applications, you can liberate your IT and Ops teams from repetitive, error prone, and time intensive tasks - allowing them to focus on business critical objectives.

Automation with Colibri Digital can ensure you answer 'Yes' to this quick business effectiveness checklist:

  • Are your IT and Ops teams spending time on routine infrastructure management tasks?
  • Are you worried about the impact of human error on application and data security?
  • Do you need to make business users self sufficient?
  • Do you want to deploy changes automatically, rather than having to schedule them with system down time?
  • Do you want to eliminate the risk of error from business critical tasks like code deployment and change management?