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Big Data & Machine Learning

We believe that scalable, data driven applications should be at the heart of every business decision. The data you collect about your everyday customers and operations can be used to help you make smarter choices about the strategic direction of your organization and Cloud Computing Solutions. Traditionally, the volume of data required to derive this value has prevented organisations from adopting large scale analytics. By leveraging the power of the cloud combined with cutting edge big data and machine learning techniques, we can help you unlock the hidden value in your data.

Big Data

With extensive experience of the very latest open source and cloud native tooling, we can help you design and build enormous data lakes and real time streaming platforms.

Machine Learning

Realising the potential in your data can be enormously valuable in helping to identify emerging trends, inefficiencies and business opportunities. Colibri Digital is a recognised industry thought leader in this space with a range of publications covering some of the very latest Artificial Intelligence techniques.